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Two years ago I had a fall and fractured two discs in my lower spine. At that time TimeBank members came to my home and performed tasks I was physically unable to do, such as gardening and window cleaning. The TimeBank members help enabled me to continue living independently alone in my own home.
Vilma Loader
While I was on the urgent waiting list for heart surgery, I was getting more and more anxious as time ticked by, waiting, watching the various symptoms increasing. Some days I didn't like being alone. I was able to continue my work from home, but wanted company to feel safe. So a TimeBanker came in and kept me company - doing her work from my home. It was a blessing.
For personal reasons this TimeBanker wished to stay anonymous.
The TimeBank operation can connect people previously unconnected, in a locality and bring a greater feeling and experience of community and belonging. The concept is inherently egalitarian and gives a strong sense of equal value and valued contribution regardless of past or present social or economic status. I would urge support for the TimeBank Aotearoa / New Zealand and hope to see the initiative flourishing for the benefit of all New Zealanders
Judy Clements
CEO, Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand
The contact generously supplied through this national body has been a huge encouragement for us as we begin a TimeBanking initiative here in Palmerston North. Thank you for investing in us - your willingness to share your knowledge (and your mistakes) has given our core group the boost we needed! We are truly grateful and inspired
Andrea McCrostie-Horn
As Chairman of St John Banks Peninsula Area I must acknowledge the wonderful work that you (Jules) and your Lyttelton TimeBank Team have achieved since the disastrous event at 04:30hrs on Saturday 4 September 2010. Your work has been stupendous and I am sure that the entire Lyttelton community is extremely grateful for the work of you and your TIMEBANK TEAM. From a St John ambulance perspective the way that you and your TEAM kicked in and started to get things sorted, in the absence of a Civil Defence presence. It has been very much appreciated by our ambulance staff.
Pete Dawson
Chairman, St Johns Banks Peninsula
The Common Unity Project is a community enterprise that develops skills, education and employment in Lower Hutt. For the past eight months we have been working in collaboration with the Hutt South Timebank as we attempt to create a change in a community that finds change challenging. The Timebank relationship has been invaluable to us. We have had very skilled help in the development of our enterprises and the meeting of the needs of our local families, it means our Common Unity families have had experiences of mentoring and support alongside their new Timebank community, in a way that feels devoid of service providing and non-judgmental. This fits with the community-led approach that we see as being crucial in developing authentic change. We are excited about developing further ideas with the Timebank and see it as being a vital tool for connection and development of more resilient communities.
Julia Milne
Project Co ordinator, Common Unity Project