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Our Co ordinator, Jules



Julie Lee, or Jules as she likes to be known, was instrumental in setting up New Zealand’s first TimeBank in Lyttelton near Christchurch. She was in the role at the time of Christchurch’s earthquakes during 2010 and 2011. The magnificent work that she did during that time with the TimeBank was widely complimented and recognised not just by the local emergency services, but also the New Zealand Navy, who happened to be in port at the time of the earthquakes. In mobilising the community and interfacing with national and government bodies during that time, she helped the value of TimeBanking to be recognised on a whole new level.

And so, in her role of Lyttelton TimeBank Coordinator, she also became deeply involved in helping to set up a national body for TimeBanking in New Zealand, assisting seven communities to establish a TimeBank in their localities. The earthquakes demanded a lot of Jules’ attention for the Lyttelton TimeBank, leaving the driving of the national role to Lisa Bevan and many other awesome individuals. In time, Jules left both TimeBanking roles to concentrate on other things.

However, the flame of TimeBanking always burned within her and in 2016 Jules recognised that her passion for TimeBanking is stronger than ever. She resigned from her full-time event management job and now does contracting work. In this way, she can donate and allocate one full day a week in a voluntary capacity to focus on creating a strong national network for TimeBanking in New Zealand. We thank Lisa Bevan, her team and the many individuals around New Zealand most sincerely for building on the work that Jules started and the strong framework that they left behind for Jules and the team to build upon. We are delighted that Jules is keen to do this work, gifting her time by reconfiguring her work life so that this can be accomplished. Jules is an impassioned believer and sprinkles magic with anything that she takes on. Let our New Zealand TimeBanking community welcome Jules into this role of strengthening TimeBank capacity by raising the concept’s profile and helping to make a significant difference in communites all around New Zealand.